Photo Credit: Tony Lynchy, SGG Site Technician

With our expertise and approach of designing components to suit your needs, we are able to manufacture site specific fabrications rather than following competitors by using off the shelf components. For examples, please follow the underlined links below.

We are always adapting our products and are already underway with testing a few new additions.

Well Heads: Various styles and sizes available – pin wells, gas wells, extraction points etc.
Knock Out Pots: KOP in all designs
Sump Pots: Ideal for surface water/ leachate collection points
Deodorising Units: Highly effective silicone and natural oils-based deodoriser
Manifolds:  Leachate and gas manifolds for both sampling and control
Tanks:  Holding, treatment, confinement – both Weholite and Acid
Containment Features: Lockable cabinets/ boxes designed for any component
Electrofusion / Butt WeldingFor a variety of fittings and requirements, including Y-Branches
Silt Traps: Critical features for landfill management, ideally fitted at the lowest point prior to tank installation to collect scale/ silt/ deposits
Carbon Filters: Activated carbon bed combined with SGG’s patented Harena Sand, designed to remove contaminants and impurities using chemical absorption


For bespoke Fabrications requests, please fill in a form on the ‘Contact Us’ page and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.